I'm on a mission to revolutionize the future of business by reimagining how business can be done — more inclusive, diverse and beneficial for us all.

Ask Albert How is a culture-first business consultancy, and was established on the belief that successful entrepreneurship lies at the intersection of self-improvement, business expansion, and making an impact.

Albert collaborates with Impact Leaders who are building locally and growing globally. These individuals are naturally inclined towards taking risks, possess a growth-oriented mindset, and are motivated by the possibilities that lie ahead. Through fostering cultural change, developing thriving environments, unifying teams, and clarifying company visions, Albert's clients attain creative liberty, financial prosperity, and a clear direction toward achieving their purpose.

Throughout his entire career, Albert has provided private consulting and business growth programs to many businesses. Albert's extensive background as a UX/UI Designer, Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, and Serial-Entrepreneur have informed his approach and philosophy toward aiding entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses without compromising their values. He holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius, and a degree in Graphic Design from the Design College Gutenberg in Frankfurt, and is certified as a Scrum Master from Scrum.org.


This work is driven by four guiding principles that aim to ensure that you are working towards establishing a healthy company.


Have an independent and ethical perspective

I deeply value an independent and ethical perspective that enables me to provide unbiased and objective recommendations to my clients. Integrity is the base stone of my practise, and am committed to conducting business in an honest and transparent manner. My focus lies on independent thinking and ethical decision-making, ensuring that I deliver the best possible outcome, always grounded in sound principles and values.


Take responsibility for your actions

At my consultancy, I don't just handle projects as they come to me, I treat them as if they are my own. I will be your invested caretaker, brand evangelist, or steward who go above and beyond to ensure that your mission will be well-cared for and passionately championed. I want you to become empowered to act decisively, that's why I instil a culture of personal accountability and authority within my practice.


Have the courage to do things differently

Open-mindedness and inclusivity are strongly valued within my consultancy. My work is the outcome of both individual contributions and effective teamwork, guided by mutual respect and appreciation for you, your mission, and your company. I prioritize collaboration over individualism and understand that personal growth is essential for success in business and in life.


Be emphatic towards others

I embrace diverse perspectives and actively strive to comprehend them. Whenever I have the opportunity to engage with others' thoughts and emotions, I make an effort to do so with a genuine desire to understand their perspectives. My approach is marked by openness and humility, as I seek to connect with others where they are.

Words from my clients


Anna Zaaki

Aminu Initiative

I’m deeply thankful for his outstanding contribution to our non-profit Aminu Initiative. Without him, we would never have made it this far: He redefined and redesigned our brand and helped us to grow from a national to an internationally operating organization with a strong vision and mission to build upon.
Through his contribution we were finally able to attract prestigious foundations who financially support us to build the first Community Center in Nima, a district of Ghana’s capital city Accra.
From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for your pre-eminent commitment and perseverance, but also your infectious enthusiasm and positivity!
I can highly recommend Albert!

Josef krug


Upon meeting Albert, I was fatigued and struggling to expand my company. Honestly, I was consumed by anxiety about what might happen next. However, Albert's guidance assisted me in identifying and resolving the concerns that were impeding my progress. With his mentorship, I refined my vision and values and regained my passion to proceed with clarity and ambition. As time passed, Albert aided me in reflecting and enhancing nearly every facet of my company and culture. I'm now better prepared to lead my business in the future, and on a more profound level, navigate the intricacies of my personal life.

Arien Jellema-Hendriksma

Wolters Kluwer

Albert helped me with forming a vision on the purpose of the Avanzer marketing websites. He is highly skilled in analysing the current situation, identifying the needs of the business and translating this into an improvement plan.
Next to that, he is a very pleasant person to work with and an addition to any team!



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